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Sugar Bomb Punch - Dutch Passion - Feminiseret Cannabisfrø

  • Feminiseret
  • Indica Dominant THC Bomb X (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush) USA Special
  • 9 ugers blomstring
  • XXL
  • THC: Extreme Høj
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Why should I buy Sugar Bomb Punch feminized seeds?

    She is a THC-rich cannabis strain with an extremely "frosty" appearance.

    Sugar Bomb Punch is a good all-rounder, suitable for all growth techniques and systems.

    Her hybrid plant and bud structure makes her the perfect cannabis strain for both a "SCROG" and a "SOG" setup.

    She delivers heavy yields in a relatively short flowering time of approximately 9 weeks.

Sugar Bomb Punch has a fruity, sweet, skunky kush aroma and taste

Sugar Bomb Punch has a very complex aroma. The most dominant is the fruity scent reminiscent of a sweet rose. But there are also phenotypes with a more sour, citrus or berry aroma. During flowering most plants smell very fruity and sweet. Some plants have a cherry yogurt aroma, very creamy and sweet.

Once dried, the buds again have a mainly fruity and sweet character. This is accompanied with floral, creamy and berry-like notes. In terms of taste she also leans more towards the fruity side of the spectrum. Some phenotypes also have a slightly skunk-like taste, with notes of earth and grass.
Sugar Bomb Punch has extremely sticky "frosty" buds

Sugar Bomb Punch is completely covered in a thick layer of sticky trichomes. The buds are completely white with beautiful bright orange pistils. This provides great contrast and excellent bag appeal. The flowers are so white that it seems as if someone has sprinkled powdered sugar on them!
Which genetics are in Sugar Bomb Punch?

Sugar Bomb Punch is a cross between THC Bomb and Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush. This ‘3-way cross’ has created the very interesting and diverse odour and taste profile. Critical Orange Punch is super fruity and the Bubba Island Kush is more earthy, sour and kushy. Both the THC Bomb and the Bubba Island Kush contributed to the potency of this new strain and the relatively fast flowering time. The Critical Orange Punch, on the other hand, has slightly increased the volume and thus the yield. Combining these 3 strains has created a new strain that is unparalleled. The combination of potency, taste and heavy yields is usually the blend that every grower wants.
Sugar Bomb Punch has compact flowers and is one of the strongest varieties in our collection

Sugar Bomb Punch is an Indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain that was created by carefully crossing different types of genetics. This strain belongs to our "USA special" family and produces some of the most potent cannabis buds you will come across. THC values are between 20-25% without too much effort.

Sugar Bomb Punch shows more of a hybrid leaf structure during the vegetative growth phase. This leaf structure is somewhat thinner/slimmer than you might expect from such a relatively fast bloomer. In late growth, as well as in bloom, the leaf structure changes slightly towards the Sativa side. She remains fairly compact, which makes her easier to handle than most Sativa dominant hybrids. Her branches are strong and respond well to bending and cracking.

Most phenotypes start to bud early in the flowering phase, usually after 2 to 3.5 weeks. At that time they also start producing trichomes very rapidly. After a good month of flowering the buds are already full of resin. Even the leaves seem to have been snowed under. When you touch the plants your hands and fingers stick together and you understand why we named this strain Sugar Bomb Punch. Some plants can be ready within 7.5-8 weeks, these are the fastest phenotypes. Others really need at least 8.5 to 9 weeks. Most plants remain fairly compact, so it is recommended to take this into account.

Her plant structure is best described as compact to medium. The internode distance is relatively short and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that leans towards the Sativa side.

The genetics used to create Sugar Bomb Punch guarantee the following properties:

    A plant completely covered in with glittering white super-sticky buds.

    A complex aroma and a potent cannabinoid profile with high THC levels.

    Compact plants and buds that are easy to harvest thanks to the good flower-to-leaf ratio.

Sugar Bomb Punch is the ideal strain for hardcore smokers looking for the stickiest buds and highest THC levels.
Effects of Sugar Bomb Punch

Sugar Bomb Punch has a seriously strong high. Because of her high THC level she hits like a bomb! A small bud is sufficient for a powerful joint. The effect may vary by phenotype. You may find plants with a slightly more Indica leaning properties. These can produce stronger physical effects which are very relaxing and will leave your body completely rested and soothed. Others, on the contrary, will have a stronger Sativa high. This is more of a psychoactive cerebral high, stimulating, energetic and social. With all phenotypes, a euphoric and blissful feeling predominates and you can enjoy a "feel-good high" that will last for several hours.
The flowering period of Sugar Bomb Punch

Sugar Bomb Punch is a compact to medium sized cannabis plant. The stretch varies from average to below-average. This varies according to the phenotype. Sugar Bomb Punch is a very beautiful plant. The leaves look lively with beautiful serrated margins and a bright green color. It takes an average of 8-9 weeks to flower. But there are phenotypes that only take 7 weeks in bloom and an extra week after that to harden completely.

We recommend a slightly longer vegetative growth period for this strain, so that the yield can be even higher. Due to its limited stretch during flowering, you will either have to grow vegetatively a little longer or work with more plants per m² to achieve real XXL yields.
The yield of Sugar Bomb Punch

Sugar Bomb Punch is a very good yielder, with yields in excess of 500+ g/m² possible in a wide range of conditions and growing techniques. Her unique leaf and plant structure makes it possible to grow her in both a SCROG and SOG. The thin leaf structure ensures light reaches down to the lower and smaller buds.

Outdoors, she can grow into a monstrous "bushy" plant that can produce up to 750g per plant. Sugar Bomb Punch seeds are less suited for cultivation in the more northern latitudes. A sunny, dry Mediterranean climate benefits her the most and is therefore preferred.
Advice from our experts

Sugar Bomb Punch can grow slightly slowly in height during vegetative growth. This is because she grows in very bushy structure, compact and with a lot of leaves. That is why we recommend defoliating the plant several times during the growth phase so that the side branches and buds will receive more light. Topping or fimming is possible and will increase the yield.

Do you want to lift the quality of the flowers to the highest possible level? Then we recommend using a UVB lamp during the last 3 weeks of the flowering phase (from week 6-7 for 3-4 hours a day). This can allow THC levels to rise to unprecedented heights!
Information about Sugar Bomb Punch
Seed type     Feminised seeds
Indica cannabis seeds     Indica
Genetics     THC Bomb X (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush)
USA Special     USA Special
Indoor cannabis seeds     Indoor
Outdoor cannabis seeds     Outdoor
Flowering time     9 weeks
Yield     XXL
THC level     Extremely high (>20 %)

Sugar Bomb Punch is the result of a time-consuming breeding process by crossing different types of 'USA genetics'. This strain has been developed with the aim of obtaining the whitest, stickiest and most potent buds and it comes with our highest recommendations.

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