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  • 00 Seeds
    00 Seeds

    00 Seeds

  • Ace Seeds
    Ace Seeds

    Ace Seeds

  • Apothecary Genetics (Regulær)
    Apothecary Genetics (Regulær)


    1st Place  -  The Cannabis Cup - 2007 - KAIA KUSH™

    1st Place - Seattle Green Cup - 2006 - GRAPE APE WAX

    1st Place  -  Seattle Green Cup - 2006 - GRAPE APE™

    1st Place  -  Lake County - 2006 - GRAPE APE™

    1st Place  -  Seattle Green Cup - 2005 - GRAPE APE™

    2nd Place  -  Inglewood Cup - 2005 - GOO™

    2nd Place  -  IC420 - 2004 - LEMON PEZZ™

    3rd Place  -  IC420 - 2004 - LIVITY™


     WON by OTHERS

    1st Place - Denver Medical Cannabis Cup - 2011 - Mile High Green Cross - Sour Grape

    1st Place - Best Concentrate - Denver Medical Cannabis Cup - 2011 - Salida Green Cross - Grape Ape Wax

    1st Place - Toranto Cannabis Cup - 2010 - Urban Grower Remo - Bubba Kush

    1st Place - High Life Cup - Amsterdam - 2009 - GreenHouse Seed Company - Bubba Kush

    Bret Bogue is a renowned medical marijuana seed breeder and marijuana grow expert who has won the Cannabis Cup, been featured in High Times and several movies, created a medical cannabis university and helped bring the legendary Kush medical marijuana strain to its high prominence.  He’s the type of marijuana breeder, pioneer and activist who stands up to drug warriors and relentlessly pushes to improve marijiuana genetics, potency and legalization.

    Bogue loves to teach marijuana cultivation techniques such as "super-cropping," and he revels in developing or improving strains such as Grape Ape, Tangerine Kush,  ChemDawg, Kaia Kush, Sour Grapes, Goo, Levity, and Very Berry Haze.

    It’s no surprise they call Bret the “King of Kush.” Big Buds caught up with Bret Bogue as he multi-tasked his way through another OG Kush day in California…

    Big Buds: Bret, when I heard them call you the King of Kush, I knew I had to start by asking you about the origins of Kush.

    Bret Bogue:  OG Kush is originally from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Seeds were gathered in that region and brought to Florida in the early 1970’s and grown there in the Latin American community until the late 1980’s.  By 1992, it had been brought to California.  A young breeder named Josh started making a buzz with OG Kush in the Hollywood/LA scene.  By 1995, Josh had given it to TH Seeds in Amsterdam, which is run by Adam Dunn. He also gave it to  B-Real from Cypress Hill.  Thanks in part to these three people, OG Kush became a hugely sought-after strain, with a top value of $7500 per pound.  Nowadays, there are many different variations of OG Kush, such as Larry OG, Snoop OG, Valley OG, Tahoe OG, and on and on. Many seed companies claim to have seeds of OG Kush, but there are so many variations, it’s difficult to know if you have the actual, original OG Kush.  The original is an Indica-based strain but over the years OG Kush has been crossbred into many different hybrids.

    Big Buds: I heard that OG Kush is somehow related to Chemdawg.
    Bret: Chemdawg originated on the East coast of USA.  There were 5 friends who created Chemdawg, Chemdawg 91, and Chem D.  These strains can only be found in cutting form.  There are certain companies who claim to have original seeds, but at this point, there’s no proof to back that up.  The crew continues to work on the east coast. Chemdawg is a hybrid Indica/Sativa mix.

    Big Buds: Your company, Apothecary Genetics, has a strong reputation for producing reliable genetics. But many growers are having bad experiences sourcing seeds from breeders and re-sellers. Any tips?

    Bret:  For most companies other than ones like ours, there is never true assurance that they have what they say they have.  In fact, many of them are selling fakes. Do your own research. Get feedback from growers who have tried seeds from that company. Get your genetics from as close to the source as possible and do your homework before purchasing seeds. You can look at the ratings of seed companies  and what is said about them on forums. In my experience, Green House Seeds and cannabisseeds.com are very solid people.

    Big Buds: What’s it like to search for the world’s best cannabis strains?
    Bret: It’s fun to look back on how we got strains. It has been a passion of mine since the early 1990’s to collect the best heirloom strains. The GOO strain was given to me as a gift in 1996.  The history is that in the early 1970’s University of Washington scientists were researching four cannabis strains. A lab technician took a cutting of each strain, and one of my good buddies, “Captain Morgan,” got one of the cuttings from the lab tech.  At the time, the strain was unnamed.  I had known about this strain since high school; a friend of mine would sell it to me.  He had no idea what it was, so he went back to the Captain and the Captain said, “Just call it GOO!” Why did he name it GOO? Because it is gooey and can stick to a wall!  It is a 100% Thai Sativa.

    So there you have it...the King of Kush shares his wisdom from the most high:)


    Alle de kendte mærker fra Barney's Farm.

  • Big Buddha Seeds
    Big Buddha Seeds

    Big Buddha Seeds kan du finde her.

  • Big Head Seeds
    Big Head Seeds

    I løbet af de sidste 20 år har vi samlet det bedste af de bedste plantegenetik fra hele verden og opdrættet, hvad vi anser for at være nogle af de fineste kvalitets strains til rådighed i dag.

    Vores Bighead planter er kulminationen på mange års forskning og udforskning. Vi fik ikke dette til på egen hånd. Der er mange ubesungne helte, der med blod, sved og tårer har givet os dette overflødighedshorn af genetik som er til rådighed i dag.
    Big Head Seeds hjemmeside er dedikeret til dem, der tog de risici, krydsede den næste dal, "did there time" og videregav deres viden.

    For mere info om Big Head Seeds:


  • Bomb Seeds
    Bomb Seeds

    Hvorfor købe BOMB Seeds, Ganske enkelt, hvis du er på udkig efter den bedste kombination af styrke, kraft, kvalitet og udbytte så er Bomb Seeds genetik en af de bedste tilgængelige.

    Bomb seeds udvælgelsesproces af de bedste træk fra allerede verdens kendt strains, kombineret med deres eksplosive Bomb genetik leverer gang på gang.

    Bomb Seeds har udviklet et nyt og unikt udvalg af cannabisfrø ved omhyggeligt at vælge og forbedre klassiske strains og krydse dem med deres potente Bomb seed genetik for at maksimere de mest ønskværdige træk - kvalitet, mængde, styrke, hurtighed og kraft. Resultatet er en stor samling af nogle af de mest magtfulde strains til rådighed hvor hver enkelt genetik i området maksimeres for højt udbytte, høj THC, hurtig finish og fantastisk vækstpotentiale kvalitet. Bomb Seeds har til formål at omfatte noget for alle fra Indicas til sativas, autoflowering og medicinske sorter samt noget for connoisseur.

    Hvordan er Bomb Seeds frø produceret, De er økologisk dyrket I Nederlandene under strengt kontrollerede forhold. Alle partier testes regelmæssigt for optimal kvalitet og ensartethed.

    Alle Bomb Seeds bliver derefter håndplukket for at sikre modenhed og levedygtighed.

    Bomb Seeds genetik er fuldt stabiliseret og opdrættet for komplet genetisk ensartethed sikrer de forskellige strains karaktertræk er fuldt at finde i genetiken.

    Er frøen levedygtige? Alle Bomb Seeds frø er batch testes i Holland under optimale forhold og opnå en + spiringsrate 95% før de bliver udvalgt.

  • Blimburn Seeds
    Blimburn Seeds

    We're proud to report us that one of the best culture teams from Spain in association with Greenguide SL, have created a new seed bank. In recent times have proliferated all kinds of new brands of seeds banks, many of them re-packaged, and most of these, come from the same supplier, we feel it is possible to change this trend and create a serious, fair and credible project.

    For mere info om Blimburn Seeds:


  • Borealis Seeds
    Borealis Seeds

    Outdoor seeds for the nordic clima.

  • CBD Crew
    CBD Crew

    Cannabisfrø fra CBD Crew.

  • Danske Pot Frø
    Danske Pot Frø

    Chillo har gode danske pot frø på hylderne.

  • Delicious Seeds
    Delicious Seeds

    Delicious Seeds finder du her i Chillo.

  • Devil's Harvest
    Devil's Harvest

    Dyrk en ond ryger. Cannabisfrø fra Devil's Harvest er på hylderne i Chillo.

  • Dinafem Seeds
    Dinafem Seeds

    Køb 5x5 stk. af samme strain og få 5% i Rabat.

    Køb 5x10 stk. af samme strain og få 10% i Rabat.

    Køb 10x10 stk. af samme strain og få 15% i Rabat.

    Chillo er distributør af DinaFem Seeds i Danmark. Dina er en af verden største Cannabisfrø producenter med en af de største cannabis-frø-banker. DinaFem Seeds har specialiceret sig i Feminiseret Cannabisfrø, almindelig, autoflower og CBD frø med medisinske egenskaber.

    Chillo har faste lave priser på disse kvalitetsfrø og sælger dem ca.5% billigere end producenten selv!

    Chillo sender til hele Danmark!

    For at se alle produkter fra producenten DinaFem Seeds:


  • DNA Genetics
    DNA Genetics

    Cannabisfrø DNA Genetics finder du i Chillo.

  • Dr. Underground
    Dr. Underground

    Working to offer the best since 2008

    We offers hybrids created from our own selecctions from the best seeds in the market.

    Our seeds are 99´9 % feminized seeds. - We the STS to make our seeds because is the best method to do 99,9 % feminized seeds. - We make the seeds in Hydroponics systems because is better to control the differents parameters. - We don´t recommend to our sellers sell the seeds out of the original pack, this is the reason we sell in 2, 4, and 8 seed pack. - Every seeds are sold in their original pack. - Our strains was tested in differents grow systems, and every are aviable in all grow systems. - We make our seeds, we don´t sell seeds to other companies. - We don´t sell our seeds to other seedbanks

    For more info about Dr. Underground:


    OBS: Cannabisfrø er KUN lovlige som samleobjekter i Danmark! 

  • Dutch Passion
    Dutch Passion

    De kendte cannabisfrø fra Dutch Passion finder du her i Chillo.

  • Eva Female Seeds
    Eva Female Seeds

    Eva Female Seeds

  • Fast Buds
    Fast Buds

    Fast Buds fra L.A California

    har siden 2010 produceret autoflower frø i Spanien til det Europæiske marked. Planen om at bringe disse gode California Strains til Europa er blevet gennemført, nu er det bare at gå igang med at dyrke.

  • G13 LABS
    G13 LABS

    G13 Labs company has quite a stretch of history that dates back to the late 1980’s in the north of the United Kingdom. This is where the original Agent set up an underground collective, which then made its way to Amsterdam where G13 Labs formed connections with various other experienced Agents. They have since then spread worldwide and have established their own cannabis seeds strains. G13 Labs provide a wide range of different strains that would satisfy the most accurate and hard to please connoisseurs. G13 Labs strains are loved for their impressive yield, fast flowering and their unbelievable taste and aroma. The flavours are so distinctive and unique that you will not want to ignore these strains. In fact the feminized Pineapple Express strain is G13 Lab’s best ever seller so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of the most famous strain in the cannabis seeds market and a whole range of top quality G13 Labs cannabis seeds!

  • Green Devil Genetics
    Green Devil Genetics

    Green Devil Genetics

  • Green House Seed Co.
    Green House Seed Co.

    Stort udvalg i Green House Seeds til Danmarks laveste priser.

  • Grow Your Own
    Grow Your Own

    Grow Your Own er en exklusiv linie af 'high-end' marijuana frø, præsenteret af DNA Genetics. I denne kollektion vil du finde et bred udvalg af Sativa og Indica frø som udmærker sig takket være deres medisinske og terapotiske egenskaber.

    Mere info om DNA Genetics klik her

  • Heavyweight Seeds
    Heavyweight Seeds

    HeavyWeight Seeds Promotion

    Heavy Weight Seeds er specialiseret i Cannabis Strains med meget høj ydeevne/udbytte af særlig stærk karakter.

    Heavy Weight Seeds frøkatalog byder på de mest kraftfulde feminiseret Cannabis Strains der findes på markedet også AutoFlower frø.

    For mere info om Heavy Weight Seeds:


  • Humboldt Seeds
    Humboldt Seeds

    History of cultivation in Humboldt

    The cultivation in Humboldt began in the 60's. When cannabis cultivation became both more popular and pursued, the hippies migrated from the big city to the north, where the mountains provided protection and discretion, because very few people lived there, there were very few police, and communities were much less right-wing than in LA.

    This trend has become more pronounced over time, and more and more people of California and other states went to live there, seeking tranquility to cultivate. The result was that it became the mecca of culture in the United States, and the place where the foreign culture product of high quality, 100% organic, reaches higher prices across the country.

    About the Humboldt area

    The miners of the gold rush in the nineteenth century came and bought land, with the classic American desire to become millionaires at any price.

    Most did not make it, and the population declined when gold ended. Those that remained lived to cut redwoods and other trees, manufacturing illegal whiskey at night ("moonshining") and in general lived well outside the reach of the law.

    With this isolation and relative freedom, combined with a favorable climate, the region became a perfect destination for growers throughout the United States.

    The harvest festivals of Humboldt was the demonstration that the region had become the epicenter of an alternative lifestyle in the United States, and today is the region that produces highest value marijuana in outdoor cultivation in the United States.

    In addition, the number and diversity of growers is very large, and these growers are probably the largest community of breeders of varieties of cannabis in the world, and that's the reason why Humboldt is so important.

    Humboldt Seeds Organization mission

    Offering these super-special genetic from California to the rest of the world, transmitting the values on which this alternative community is based: cooperation, equality, respect for the environment, respect for human diversity and 100% organic farming, with the most advanced techniques

  • iGrowCan

    Komplet set, klar til at sætte i vinduet. Potte, jord og frø, det eneste du skal gøre er at hælde vand på!

  • Joint Doctor
    Joint Doctor

    For mere info besøg Joint Doctor's egen hjemmeside:


  • Kalashnikov Seeds
    Kalashnikov Seeds

    Kalashnikov Seeds - Moldova is a group of growers with a military background, living and working in Russia. We are engaged in breeding of cannabis since 2002. The assets of the bank: experience and stability, a fixed base in the Kuban region, Grow-partners in St. Petersburg, Altai and the Far East.

  • Karma Genetics
    Karma Genetics

    Stort udvalg i Karma Genetics cannabis frø.

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