Danmarks største udvalg i glas bonger. Chillo har glas bonger fra hele verden, deriblandt håndlavede glass bong's fra USA og Tyskland. RooR, PURE, SMILE og Grace Glass er bland de mest populære mærker.


    Glas bonger af den fineste kvalitet, mundpuste, håndlavede glas bonger fra Tyskland, Chillo har hele RooR serien, både Rasta, Green, Red, Black og White.

  • SMILE Bongs
    SMILE Bongs

    SMILE er kendt for sit elegante tyske bong design. Tyske glas bonger af den fineste kvalitet, håndlavede og mundblæste glass bong's.

  • Bent Glass
    Bent Glass

    We are very proud to introduce our collection of Bent Glass premium water pipes, which features our exciting new compact series. All pieces are hand blown by our highly experienced glass blowers who have decades of combined experience. The Bent series is one of the most innovative new lines to hit the market in years. Strongly influenced by urban culture, our stylish new designs easily stand out from the crowd. In this dynamic market place we have seen a stark lack of new ideas.

    We feel that innovation within the glass industry has been stunted by the many companies who’s main interest lies in protecting their profits rather than serving their customers. Our dedication to highly functional glass is second to none and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship at the best prices in the industry. The Bent Glass production line features premium components found on water pipes that could easily be sold at a much higher price.

    We believe that pushing innovation is key, but never at the cost of quality. That is why we have tailored our manufacturing process to minimize cost, without having to sacrifice quality or function. By pricing our products in direct correlation to glass materials and development cost, we can guarantee that you will getting the most out of your money. Welcome to the next generation of water pipes, innovative design, amazing value, and unquestionable style.

    Don’t miss out on your chance to be at the forefront of this new era in smoking technology. Edge out your competitors by being the first in your area to carry Bent Glass. Proudly made in the USA. GET BENT.


    Den populære glas bong fra USA i højeste kvalitet.


    Chillo forhandler et stort udvalg af Grace Glass Bongs.

    Grace Glass er kendt for deres gode kvalitet med mange finesser til en overkommelig pris. Chillo har over 25 forskellige produkter fra Grace Glass på lager.

  • BOOST Bongs
    BOOST Bongs

    Stort udvalg i de "cool" Boost Bongs.

  • HIGH LINE Bongs
    HIGH LINE Bongs

    Stort udvalg i highline glas bonger.


    Uanset om du er på udkig efter en høj kvalitet perc eller non percolater bong, bubblers, dabber eller en simple velfungerende robust bong? 420bongs tilbyder dig den bedste kvalitet produkter til enhvert brug, medicinske eller rekreative.

  • SCORPION Pibes
    SCORPION Pibes

    Her finder du alle Scorpion Pibes tilgælgelig på det danske marked.


    Alle peace-maker bongs

  • Tsunami Glass
    Tsunami Glass

    Super vilde percolater bonger fra Tsunami Glass med et lækker finish.

  • Black Leaf
    Black Leaf

    Black Leaf er det velkendte brand som lever kvalitet til en rigtig god pris. Alt fra bonger til oil pipes.

  • Blaze Glass
    Blaze Glass

    Blaze Glass laver hovedsagligt olie udstyr.

  • Badabong

    Badabong glas bonger til en god pris!

  • Wave

    Billige glas bonger fra Wave, de kommer alle med One Part slamrør.

    Det vil sige hoved og slamrør ud i et.

  • Mixed Brands
    Mixed Brands

    Blandet glas bonger fra forskellige producenter.

  • Perkulator Bongs
    Perkulator Bongs

    Alle vores glas bonger med indbygget perkulator.

  • Ice Cool Bongs
    Ice Cool Bongs

    Alle ICE Cooled Bongs finder du her.

  • Zig Zag Bonger
    Zig Zag Bonger

    Forskellige glas bonger med Zig Zag design.

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Viser 1 - 30 af 180 produkter
Viser 1 - 30 af 180 produkter