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Sagarmatha Seeds

  • Sagarmatha AutoFem.

    Sagarmatha AutoFem.

    <p>Her finder du alle vores Feminiseret Autoflower Cannabisfrø fra Sargarmatha Seeds.</p>
  • Sagarmatha Fem.

    Sagarmatha Fem.

    <p>Her finder du alle vores feminiseret Cannabisfrø fra Sargarmartha Seeds.</p>

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340,00 kr. (inkl. moms)
Stk. Antal : 5 stk. 10 stk.
Because of the many phenos associated with this glorious weed the selection process is very difficult. Trying to assemble the aroma, taste, color, bud formation and elimination of herm tendencies was a huge task that...
340,00 kr. (inkl. moms)
Stk. Antal : 5 stk. 10 stk.
Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel have been united to creat perhaps the best hybrid of the Diesel group. density is no longer a problem and the potentcy is increased without loosing a drop of the fantastic aroma and...
300,00 kr. (inkl. moms)
Stk. Antal : 5 stk. 10 stk.
The finest example of haze we have sampled in recent years has been feminized for your pleasure. the same criterium for selecting the mom was used and again our staff worked overtime to get the job done.
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