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Naturligt Cannabis-kosmetik fra Tjekkiet.

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Palacio: Herbal Cosmetics

A remarkable brand with a product range of organic nature. Palacio is distinguished by the innovative personal care to apply plant aromas. In a world where people increasingly identify themselves with attention to personal health, aromatic and medicinal plants are becoming more and more important. We all want to understand what nature can bring us in terms of healing and relaxation. Palacio has recognized this in an early stage and has found in NBB Cosmetics her partner in the role of distributor for various countries but also in the development of the brand, its consumer experience and new appealing ways of packaging.

Populair Cannabis Therapy
Palacio-Cannabis.jpgHemp seed oil is the most well-known natural source of the essential fatty acids based on substances such as Q10, vitamins and other components that are needed to ensure the healthy development and proper functioning of the whole body.The oil contains a number of bioactive substances which promote the resistance of the skin.

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