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Cali Connection is a seed company with one intention, to supply the world with Cali’s best genetics in seed form. 

Theres breeders from SoCal to NorCal have obtained and have been growing Cali’s finest for years and look forward to providing their favorites with you and the rest of the world. The possibilities are endless when you have the best of the best to work with. True genetics is our mission.

The Cali Connection goal is to make sure that in every possible way we provide a seed that is true to the genetics of its mother and or hybrid or cross.

High Times Amsterdam Awards
2010- 2nd Place “Best Glass”

2011- 3rd Place “Indica” Tahoe OG

2011- 1st Place “Best Hash” Tahoe OG Kush

2011- 3rd Place “Coffeeshop” Buddha Tahoe OG

2012- 3rd Place “Indica” SFV OG Kush

2012- 2nd Place “Best Booth”

2013- 1st Place “Best Hybrid” Girl Scout Cookies

High Times Medical Cups
2011- Denver- 1st Place “High CBD” Pre Bubba Kush

2011- San Francisco- 3rd Place “Best Concentrate” Regulator Kush

2011- Detroit- 1st Place Sour OG aka 818 Headband

2012- Denver- 1st Place SFV OG (Pink House)

2012- Denver- 3rd Place Raskal OG (The Clinic)

2012- San Francisco- 1st Place Larry OG

2012- San Francisco- 3rd Place “Best Booth”

2013- San Bernardino aka Los Angeles- 1st Place “Best Hybrid” Girl Scout Cookies (Life is Good)

2013- San Bernardino aka Los Angeles- 2nd Place “Best Hybrid” Veganic Tahoe OG (Buds and Roses)

2013- San Bernardino aka Los Angeles- 1st Place “Best Booth”

2013- Denver- 2nd Place “Best Hybrid” Larry OG (MMJ America)

2013- Seattle US Cup- 1st Place “Best Booth”

2013- Seattle US Cup- 2nd Place “Best Glass”

2013- San Francisco- 1st Place Girl Scout Cookies (Berkeley Patients Group)

2013- San Francisco- 3rd Place “Highest CBD” Jedi Kush

2013- San Francisco- 2nd Place “Best Booth”

2014- Los Angeles- 3rd Place “Best Indica” Blackwater

2014- Denver- 1st Place “Best Hybrid” Larry OG (MMJ America)

2014- Denver- 2nd Place “Best Hybrid” Raskal OG

2014- Detroit- 1st Place “Best Nonsolvent Hash” Jedia Kush

2014- Detroit- 2nd Place “Best Indica” Alien Dawg V2

2015- Michigan- 1st Place “Best Edible” – Kief Krispy,Budsuds Purple Chem

2015- Michigan- 2nd Place “Best Topical” – Budsuds Purple Chem Topical Soap bar

2015- NorCal- 2nd Place “Best Hybrid Flower” – Tahoe Chem by C.R.A.F.T.

2015- NorCal- 1st Place “Best CBD Flowers” – CBD OG by C.R.A.F.T.

2015- Colorado- 1st Place “Best Edible” Bubba Kush Root Beer 100mg – Keef Cola Signature

2015- Colorado- 1st Place “Best Indica Flower” – Louis XIII – Greenman Cannabis

2015- Colorado- 3rd Place “Best Hybrid Flower” – OG KB Cookies – MMJ America Downtown

2015- Colorado- 3rd Place “Best Sativa Flower” – Green Crack – Christopher Stine

2015- Colorado- 3rd Place “People’s Choice Flowers” – Bubba Kush – The Clinic Colorado

2015- High Times Cannabis Cup Jamaica 1st Place “Best CBD Flower” CBD OG by C.R.A.F.T.

2015- Karma Cup- 1st Place “Best Hybrid”- Blackwater by MedMariCapo

2016- 2nd Place – Bhang Black Private Reserve – King Louis XIII by Bhang

2016- 1st Place “Best Indica” Purple Chem by RI Finest with The Finerside

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