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REAL Master Natural Filtertips

Hver pakke REAL Master filter indeholder 32stk filtertips.Bredde: ca. 28 mm Disse helt nye filtertips er de første filter med “TCF certifikat”. Det har de opnået pga. måden de er fremstillet. Her er nemlig ingen ekstra kemikalier brugt og derfor er filtrene det man kalder “natural/unrefined” 

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Purple City Genetics
Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics

Grown with Care and Respect

Purple City Genetics (PCG) is an award-winning, Oakland-based collective known for cultivating unique cannabis phenotypes bred for potency, optimum yield, and superior terpene production. Our clones are absolutely free of molds, pests, and airborne contaminants. We're extremely serious about clean, organic cannabis and the pesticide laws and regulations as defined by the DPR and CAC – as standard practice we regularly submit our leaf matter for testing to ensure cleanliness and compliance. Since 2008, our guiding principle has been simple: cultivate only the best cannabis strains and grow the highest quality plants.

Cultivating the Perfect Line

The foundation of successful cannabis cultivation begins with use of healthy plant starts. Inherent in each clone is the entire potential of an adult plant. For this reason, PCG deliberately propagates premium genetic lines in order to produce the best qualities in every adult plant. We have spent decades selecting and breeding phenotypes — developing unique nutrient enrichment through the use of specialized equipment — and ultimately creating unmatched genetic potential within each clone. We further refine and perfect each genetic line by integrating feedback from customers, cultivation partners and dispensaries.

Mastering the Science

PCG’s commitment to the genetic excellence of our clones draws from three decades of horticultural and agricultural experience. We systematically bring forth uniform quality, root growth, height, and performance in each clone. Our clones are grown in state-of-the-art facilities — using proven scientific techniques — that naturally enhance each plant’s potency, vitality, and immune system. We continuously strive to achieve our goal of developing the highest quality genetic material, propagated from the most desirable lines.

Feminized Seed Program


The PCG Feminized Seed Program is created from an extensive archive of genetics that range from rare and emerging exotics to the canonical standards. Our seed line is a true expression of the widely diverse California cannabis heritage and it is shaped with cultivators and tastemakers in mind.  


Planting with feminized seed allows the grower complete control from day one. The vigor found in seedlings is unparalleled to any other asexual propagate, promoting health at every stage in the plant’s life cycle.


Starting every grow cycle with feminized seed guarantees clean stock, a crucial elment for maintaining a garden that is pesticide, pathogen, and pest free.


Choosing feminized seeds ensures every plant is a flower producing female, eliminating the need for sexing, the possibility of seeding a crop with male pollen, and optimizing for the growers space and time.

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